Making Economic Advancement Mean Ecological Improvement


YOUR COMPANY NAME is often recognized in the media. Here are summaries of our latest accomplishments.

Professor David Lopes and Albert Bates Join CIWG

We are honored to announce that Professor David Lopes of the State University of Sao Paulo, and Albert Bates have joined the CIWG. Professor Lopes work includes researching the strong links between innovation and performance, he hopes to transition what the CIWG accomplish in China to Brazil. Bates' is a world renowned expert in permaculture. He is currently working with Auborn University and others on climate farming that emphasizes biology over chemistry. 


Professor Song Guojon Joins CIWG

We are pleased to announce that Professor Song Guojon of Renmin University in China has joined the CIWG. Professor Song is a teacher at the School of Environmental and Natural Resources and the Director of the Environmental Policy and Planning Institute at Renmin. He has conducted research gathering baseline efficiency data for numerous Chinese cities, which will be of extreme importance when working to establish the Super Grid and setting up Advanced Energy Performance Contracts. We are honored to have such an esteemed Professor and expert in the field of energy joining our team.


Director Morrison Interview with Forbe's Michael Tobias 

Director Morrison was interviewed by Michael Tobias of Forbes about the development of the Super Grid, and how it, coupled with an ecological tax, Advanced Energy Performance Contracting, Renewables Hedges, and more can lead the world towards a prosperous and sustainable future. You can find the article here.