Making Economic Advancement Mean Ecological Improvement

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Preview: The Pursuit of an Ecological Future: Making Economic Growth Mean Ecological Improvement

Director Morrison is authoring a new book entitled: The Pursuit of an Ecological Future: Market Rules and Structure for Sustainable GrowthHis newest work lays out a comprehensive strategy for the conversion from an ecomony based ona reliance on fossil fuels and ecological degredation, to one in which renewables are the mainstay and economic growth means ecological prosperity. You can find a preview of the book here.

Ecological Pathways by Director Roy Morrison

 China faces a number of common global challenges in moving toward an ecological future.The elements leading toward an ecological world will differ  in their  manifestations across nations and cultures and will represent an expression of  common themes with national variations.What are these elements and themes? What is the ecological pathway forward?

Interview: China Can Help Lead World to Transform to Ecological Future, Says U.S. Scholar

The Chinese government can help lead the world to transform from industrial civilization to an ecological future characterized by sustainable economic growth, U.S. scholar Roy Morrison told Xinhua on Wednesday...

Full Story Here. 

Rooftop Solar Securitization Asset Class in Next 12 Months According to Sanjay Shestha, Managing Director and Senior Analyst Covering Alternative Energy at Lazard Capital Markets (LAZ)

Wall street study that suggests that finance mechanisms such as REITs and MLPs would soon be applied to solar PV. 

This is of enormous general significance to help craft a variety of fiance mechanisms that can be applied to a bundle of renewables and efficiency for all market economies around the world. The underlying reality is that efficient renewables will represent  durable and bankable cash stream that will provide a durable way to finance as well as attractive income sources for investors of all sizes and classes including, for example, cooperatives, housing development tenants, unions, non-profits as well as traditional investment groups.

These kind of finance mechanisms can help guide planning the economic phase of the CIWG's work.

China Announces Photovoltaic Development Plan

China has announced an aggressive campaign for PV development adding an additional 10 gigawatts/year for the next 3 years bring PV capacity to 35 GW, and for  consolidation and integration of the photovoltaic industry.

The addition of 30 gigawatts of  PV in addition to  existing plans for wind expansion and problems with regional transmission makes clear the need for clear and effective plans for Supergrid development. This must include the integration of distributed city based renewables and electric car charging and storage resources into local DC microgrids linked to the supergrid. Electric vehicle charging and storage represents a potential enormous resource for the Supergrid, an enormous reduction in  air pollution, fuel costs, and greenhouse gasses. If done well, as part of developing urban DC microgrids EVs will help balance the Supergrid. If done poorly, for exampe, the rampant deployment of 3 phase quick charging  stations increasing peak load draws

This is a classic optimization problem. There is clearly an imbalance between existing load and  the planned location of renewables and a power grid built to reflect load and largely fossil fuel power plant construction that reflects largely regional responses to load.

Waste to Ethanol Production Commercialized at Indian River Plant in Florida

Ineos says its has started commercial-scale production of cellulosic ethanol at its Indian River BioEnergy center joint venture at Vero Beach, FL. Shipments from the plant, the first US facility to produce cellulosic ethanol at commercial scale, will start in August. The plant uses a unique hybrid of gasification and fermentation technology to convert wood scraps, grass clippings and other waste materials into transportation fuels as well as energy for heat and power.


US, China Agree on Climate Change Actions

China and the U.S. have agreed on five areas in which the two countries can address climate change, according to the U.S. Department of State. The climate initiatives include carbon capture and storage, boosting energy efficiency in buildings, deploying renewable energy and investing in smart grid technologies.

China's Ecological Pivot

Director Roy Morrison authored this article for published by the Carnegie Council. In it he discusses how the The World Cultural Forum held this spring in Hangzhou resulted in what may be an epochal pivot by the Chinese leadership toward an ecological future

Super Grid: A Discussion With Energy Expert Roy Morrison

Director Morrison is interviewed by Michael Tobias of Forbes about the development of the Super Grid, and how it, coupled with an ecological tax, Advanced Energy Performance Contracting, Renewables Hedges, and more can lead the world towards a prosperous and sustainable future

Asia's Accelerating Energy Revolution

In late 2012, RMI’s cofounder, chairman, and chief scientist Amory Lovins spent seven weeks in Japan, China, India, Indonesia, and Singapore observing Asia’s emerging green energy revolution. In February 2013, he returned to Japan and China. Japan, China, and India—all vulnerable to climate change—turned out to be in different stages of a “shared and massive shift” to a green energy future, one with remarkable similarities to RMI’s Reinventing Fire vision for the United States.

Catalyst 2013 Issue 9

The Shift Catalyst is a bi-weekly ezine for conscious change, powered by The Shift Network. In this issue Stephan Dinan provides the presentation that he gave at the World Cultural Forum about the role that China can play as a leader in the march towards green energy. 

China Dialogue

The China Dialogue is a bilingual online newspaper that aims to communicate information about our environment

Crisis for Local Economies as China's Green Energy Sector Crashes

Recently the green energy sector within China has struggled, something that the CIWG hopes to prevent, and as a result many local economies that rely on the green energy sector have struggled.